Outsider at Mexico City

“Ojos que no ven, corazon que no siente” is a saying that many Mexicans would agree with, especially the chilangitos of Mexico City, who live in the fast life of a metropolitan city and do not have the time to attach themselves to anything…

However, as an outsider, the moment you visit the city and get close to its people, no matter how far you go, a piece of your heart will always yearn to go back…

You can find everything in Mexico City or “DeeEfee” as the locals call it. A devout pilgrim can find calmness in Basilica de Guadalupe, a party freak can find competition with Mezcal shots at the bars of La Condesa, the sexy couple can find wanted and unwanted attention in the alleys of Polanquito, and the money makers can fantasize about the glammy offices of Santa Fe… and that’s not all. Whether you end up screaming the night away with the beats of the Mariachi or focusing on the perfect selfie in the middle of Teotihuacan you always end up feeling that you have not done enough.

So advice to the new visitor: Follow a plan. Don’t get seduced by the lights of the city, the smiles of the locals, the eyes of the muchachas, the beat of the maracas… That’s what I always say on my flight in to Mexico… pero consejos vendo y para mi no tengo…

Travel guide: Lonely Planet Mexico (Travel Guide)

Mind: Aztec, a historical fiction novel that  involves the conquest of Mexico

Hear: Mexico En La Piel by Luis Miguel

Taste: Dona Maria Ready To Serve Mole,  just pour the ´mole´with chicken tacos… mmmmm

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