ACAPULCO: Jewel of the Pacific Coast

Even the name of the city brings nostalgic feelings of the Jet Setter’s 70’s where movie stars would mingle with the wealthy and the politicians in their escape of the spot light.

Visiting this part of Mexico, its hard not to see the charm of the city. Many km of high-end coastal properties and inherent laid back vibe of Guerrero residents. Its also not surprising that this geographically secluded jewel would not attract money – even drug money.

I had a tough time explaining to loved ones that I will be visiting Acapulco to attend a wedding. Despite the rather exaggerated reputation Acapulco remains the top destination for Mexico city residents to spend their weekends while the foreign tourists have still showed weariness, and for good reason. The year I visited, was the same year that 41 students got kidnapped and murdered in the same state. My love for my woman, made me brave the risks and venture into the unknown…

I had never made a better decision. Weddings in Mexico are something, lush weddings in Acapulco overlooking the cliffs of Punta Diamante are something else…

Be sure to never refuse an invitation to a Mexican wedding. Once you’re in the party you are as good as family with abrazos y besos, bebidas y bailes, and the occasional granny smile, impressed that a non-latin can dance just as much. If you’re a jealous type and you have a woman on the dance floor – swallow it.

Make sure you get a guayabera, a traditional shirt, when you’re at a beach wedding cause its either the humidity, the mezcal, or the dancing that will make you sweat. Prepare for lack of sleep cause the sun will rise to the music and the sooner you think its over, the same crowd meets again for la tornaboda, challenging the energy that they have shown a few hours before.
Travel guide: Lonely Planet Mexico 

Mind: Aztec, a historical fiction novel that  involves the conquest of Mexico

Hear: Mexico En La Piel by Luis Miguel

Taste: Vita Coco Coconut Water

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